May 2024  

Colombo | Sri Lanka



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The exhibitors of AyurEx present products and services from the following sectors:

  • General Pubic (Customers)
  • Doctors & Other Medical Staff
  • Researchers, Scientists, Professionals, Industrialists
  • Dealers & Distributors
  • Manufacturers & Traders
  • Government Officials & Policy Makers
  • Business Owners, Members of all chambers and trade associations & Investors
  • Exporters / Suppliers
  • Students, Teachers & Academics

Why Visit AyurEx?

Here are five reasons why exhibiting AyurEx Colombo 2024.

Discover Traditional Medicine Healthcare:

Traditional Medicine offers alternative approaches to healthcare that focus on holistic healing and natural remedies. By visiting AyurEx, you can explore these ancient practices, learn about different treatment modalities, and discover alternative solutions for various health conditions. It provides an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and explore options beyond conventional medicine.

Learn about Wellness Practices:

Traditional Medicine emphasize wellness and preventive care. At this exhibition, you can attend workshops, seminars, and demonstrations conducted by experts in the field. This gives you the chance to learn about Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation techniques, yoga, herbal remedies, and other wellness practices. You can gain insights on how to incorporate these practices into your daily life to promote overall well-being.

Meet Experts and Practitioners:

AyurEx attracts professionals, practitioners, and renowned experts in Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine. This provides a unique opportunity to meet and interact with these experts, ask questions, seek advice, and gain personalized insights. Engaging with experts in person can help you deepen your understanding of these practices and receive guidance on specific health concerns or issues.

Discover New Products and Services:

AyurEx often showcase a wide range of Ayurvedic products, herbal supplements, skincare, and wellness services. By attending, you can explore and discover new and innovative products that may support your health goals. You can also learn about services like massage therapy, detox programs, lifestyle consultations, and more. It allows you to make informed decisions about the products or services you may want to incorporate into your wellness routine.

Connect with a Community:

Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine have a dedicated community of enthusiasts and practitioners. By visiting AyurEx, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for holistic healthcare. You can engage in conversations, share experiences, and exchange knowledge with fellow attendees. It provides an opportunity to establish connections, join support groups, and build a network of individuals who are interested in natural and alternative healing practices.

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2nd International Research
Symposium on Traditional

The International Research Symposium will be attended by over 30 eminent speakers from the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Netherlands, Iran, and Thailand, where more than 48 lecture sessions will be conducted by Local and International experts.

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